AIR Control & Solution

Indoor air quality began to be cited as a problem at the end of the 60s, although the first studies did not appear until ten years later. Currently, in industrialized countries city dwellers spend between 60-80% of their time in enclosed spaces, so a bad indoor air quality can seriously affect people.

One of the natural aids to improve air in enclosed spaces today comes from heterogeneous photocatalysis applied in the form of paint. However there are 4 conditions that are necessary for a usable photocatalysis.

1) Photocatalysis has to be active in the spectrum of visible light.
2) The support matrix that reacts with light must have a sufficiently large surface, which requires that the nanomolecules that compose it are always the smallest possible.
3) That the crystalline structure of the photocatalyst be pure enough to keep the resulting radicals as active as possible.
4) It must be at least 98% inorganic, free of VOC and with a highly alkaline pH.

However under certain conditions a photocatalytic action is not enough because at night we turn off the lights sometimes the heating is left on, or the stoves, the air conditioning … are we aware of the quality of air we breathe in these conditions? We can have high concentrations of humidity and CO2 (carbon dioxide) / CO (carbon monoxide) due that we live in hermetic spaces in fulfillment of the demands derived from the energetic certifications. It is also common that both the machinery and air conditioning ducts are old and they can form Bacteria, fungi and leave PM (micro particle) of several microns. Either we have a new air conditioner in an environment that is too humid, which can favor the appearance of mold / toxic fungi. Sometimes in our homes, bedrooms or offices we produce excessive CO2 (Each time we breathe we introduce about 6/10 liters of air, when we emit the air, approximately 20% is CO2). In our enclosed spaces we also find the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), contaminants that can be released from many materials that surround us or from the products we use. The pernicious effects for the

health are diverse and can cause …. Cough, Asthma / Allergies / itching / eczema, irritations the best a chronic fatigue. All factors described and many more can be of origin (Chemical / Biological / Physical)

The number of people affected by the deterioration of the environmental conditions of their places has experienced a notable increase in the last decades, with what has been produced, consequently, a growing interest in knowing these conditions and, at the same time, a need to improve them .

Improgrup offers the most advanced predictive meter, to date, in the market, UHOO provides information on 9 parameters related to the quality of our AIR and if it detects problems, acts and informs us via app in our phones or tablets of what happens in our closed spaces.

So ; Being able to control the type of air we breathe together with the AIRLITE application allows us to achieve good internal air quality (CAI). It may happen that more actions are required to optimize indoor air quality and all of them can be resolved centrally in automatic operation

Here some are numbered:

A) Extraction of C02 and Radon, exchange of air and maintenance of temperature.
B) Automatic sanitation of old or new air ducts.
C) Broad spectrum lights to increase the response capacity of photocatalytic technology.

The ACS system is simple, it helps us to control and improve the quality of the AIR where we breathe.